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MCCC (modified calcined calcium chloride)

Modified calcined calcium chloride (MCCC) 94-97% -    is a highly effective solid reagent in granules that is used for road and street treatment in the temperature range up to -35 ° C. Quickly penetrates into the ice layer, requires the lowest rates of consumption, operates in extreme winter conditions, leaves no residue on the shoes. The product corresponds to GOST 450-77 and STO 3929773-02-2007. Advantage
  • high melting rate and a wide range of operating temperatures;
  • requires less (up to 60%) the amount of application compared to other materials;
  • accelerates the anti-ice effect of salt and reduces its consumption by 40-50%;
  • corrosion activity on metals is 60-85% lower than that of technical salt;
  • does not leave traces on the pavement, does not have a chemical effect on solid concrete coatings;
  • do not cake when observing the storage rules, has 100% friability;
  • uniform grain composition;
  • does not form toxic compounds in soils, air and wastewater;
               Index                                        Norm for the brands
        Calcined              Hydrated               Liquid
Appearance Powder or granules of white color granules of white or gray color A solution of a yellowish-gray or greenish color, transparent or with a light haze
Mass fraction of calcium chloride,%, not less than 90,0 – 96,5
Mass fraction of magnesium in terms of MgCl2,%, not more than 0,5
Mass fraction of other chlorides, including MgCl2, in terms of NaCl,%, not more than 0 – 1,5 5.5 3,0
Mass fraction of iron (Fe),%, not more than 0,004
Mass fraction of a residue insoluble in water,%, not more than 0.1-0,5 0.5 0.15
Mass fraction of sulphates in terms of SO42-,%, not more than 0.1 0.3
Basic properties and types of danger of PGM
Explosion and fire hazard               Fire and explosion safe. The third hazard class
Danger to humans . Calcium chloride quickly absorbs moisture, with systemic exposure irritated and dehydrates the skin, especially irritating to the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract and eyes
Individual protection means                Overalls, work shoes, personal protective equipment.
First Aid           In case of contact with skin and eyes, wash with plenty of water.
Storage Keep out from children and pets, storage in closed areas. It is allowed to store on open pallets.
Anti-ice reagent  CaCl 94-97% - fire and explosion safe, toxic compounds in the air and sewage in the presence of other substances does not form, in the body is not cumulated. Guaranteed shelf life of calcium chloride modified calcined chloride - 12 months from the date of manufacture, subject to the integrity of the manufacturer's packaging. Modified calcined calcium chloride is supplied in polypropylene valve bags of 25 kg. This package is the best option for packing, transporting and storing anti-icing materials. Solid reagents in all winter weather conditions should be used in wet form to increase efficiency and minimize losses. Moistened or moistened reagents are used for environmental, economic and transport reasons. The essence of the technology is a preliminary moistening directly on the disk-distributor of the dry reagent. A liquid reagent is prepared by dissolving a solid material with water according to the instructions. For additional advice, please contact our specialists.


     Consumption of material g / 1m2 Air temperature°С
0-2 -2 -4 -4 -6 -6 -10 -10 -15 -15 -20
Prevention of ice formation 15/20 20/25 25/30 35/40 55/40 65/70
Ice removal, thickness 1-2 mm 10 15 20 25 45 65
Ice removal, thickness 3-5 mm 25 35 45 65 90 140
  1. SNOW REMOVAL MODE                                                                                                          
Air temperature, °С
to -4С to -8С to -12С to -16С to -20С
Consumption of material g / 1m2 15 35 45 55 65
Useful tips: (1) Regular treatment prevents the formation of "snow covering". (2) Sprinkle the materials before the peak hours. (3) Before the application, carry out mechanical cleaning of the snow. After treatment, remove the ice and "compressed snow." (4) In severe frosts (-25 ° C) and heavy precipitation - use Ice melt Power, PGM Bishofit. (5) Use snow-removal equipment to quickly and evenly sprinkle a large number of PGM.  

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Anti-ice reagent MCCC

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Anti-ice reagent MCCC

Anti-ice reagent MCCC

MCCC (modified calcined calcium chloride) Modified calcined calcium chloride (MCCC) 94-97% -    is a..

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