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  • Complex K-5 (accelerator (liquid))
Complex additive for concrete and mortar Approved for use: Corresponds to the terms and conditions of the TU U. B.2.7-24.6-00294349-084-2003. Insecurity class: 4th grade. Certificate of Hygienic Conformity No. 05.03.02. - 07/4835 dated 11.02.03. Description of the additive: "COMPLEX K - 5" liquid additive, increases the early and vintage strength of concretes and mortars, and liquefies the concrete mixture. Application: For monolithic,concrete and reinforced concrete products, all types of cement mortars. In the production of cement - grinding intensifier, sludge disintegrator. For the production of paving slabs, parquets, thin-walled concrete products. Properties: At constant V / C leads to a thinning of a concrete mix with ОК = 4 sm to ОК not less than 20 sm and increase of strength of concrete for the second day - on 40 ... 50%, for 28 days - on 20 ... 30%. With the constant mobility of the concrete mix due to the decrease in water content by 12 ... 19% allows:
  • to increase the strength of concrete on the second day - by 60 ... 80%, after 28 days - by 35 ... 50%;
  • increase the water resistance of concrete to W 8;
  • Reduce cement costs by 10 ... 20%;
  • increase the frost resistance of concrete to F 200;
  • In winter it is possible to perform concrete works at ambient temperatures up to -15 ° С (with a mandatory reduction in the number of lead by 15%).
Additional effects: it allows letting out ferroconcrete ferro-concrete on the shortened cycle TBO at temperature + 30 ... +50.С, or on without steaming technology, to spend effective concreting by concrete pumps. Technical data. The basis: According to TU U.V.V.2.7. - 24.6 - 00294349 - 084 - 2003 "Additives are complex", the additive is a mechanical mixture of synthetic oligomers of different molecular weight with no chloride electrolytes, which are dissolved in organic matter - a by-product of the food industry. The additive was tested at NDIBMV, has a sanitary and hygienic conclusion of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and passed the State registration for use in cements, mortars, concrete and reinforced concrete. Condition: The dark brown substance. Density of solution: 1.19 ± 0.04 g / cc. cm. Concentration: 33 ... 35%. Dosage per 100 kg of cement:       

Type of material

 Ambient temperature, ° С

+ 5….0°С

0….- 5°С

— 5….- 10°С

— 10….- 15°С


2,0…2,5 l.

2,5….3,5 l.

3,5….4,0 l.

4,0….4,5 l.


4,0..4,5 l.

4,5…5,5 l.

5,5….6,5 l.

6,5…7,5 l.

  Mode of administration: Adding in the concrete mixer together with (through the water dispenser). Compatibility with other additives: Compatible with additives "COMPLEX", P-3. Note: Before using the "COMPLEX K-5" together with other additives, it is recommended to conduct laboratory tests. Packaging: Barrel 60 l, 72 kg. Price: "COMPLEX K-5" - 4,0 UAH / kg. Packing 40 UAH / barrel. Storage: At barbation with air not below -15 ° С. For long-term storage at a temperature of at least + 5 ° C. Shelf life 2 years. Environmental protection: Prevent ingress into groundwater.

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Complex K-5 (accelerator (liquid))

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Complex K-5 (accelerator (liquid))

Complex K-5 (accelerator (liquid))

Complex additive for concrete and mortar Approved for use: Corresponds to the terms and conditions..

12,000 грн.

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