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Concrete waterproofing

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Waterproofing for concrete HYDROTON

Waterproofing for concrete HYDROTON

The protective compound "HYDROTRON" is a system for protection of capillary - porous materials of bu..

2,000 грн.

Гидроизоляция бетона ГИДРОТРОН-Д

Гидроизоляция бетона ГИДРОТРОН-Д

HYDROTRON-D® - is designed to ensure water tightness of monolithic concrete and for concrete structu..

2,000 грн.

Category Description

Concrete waterproofing
Due to the fact that the concrete has a porous structure, it has a fairly high level of moisture absorption. If you do not take any efforts for waterproofing, then over the time technical characteristics of concrete surface will deteriorate strongly, which leads to many problems. When it is necessary to waterproof concrete, it is best way to buy special mixtures that have a number of advantages, and are able to protect the concrete surface for many years.

Advantages of waterproofing compound

Penetrating mixtures for waterproofing concrete are much better than others (surface coating with rolls or the use of lubricating materials). First of all, this is confirmed by working life, which is equal to the period of exploitation of the buildings. The second reason why concrete waterproofing is much better than other materials is that you can use it on structures of all types (outside and inside the building). "Hydrotron" mixture type has a number of other advantages:
  • A simple way of application and preparation.
  • Frost and fire resistance.
  • Completely environmentally friendly material.
  • After the treatment, there is no need to apply additional waterproofing materials.
  • Sealing the surface and eliminating various cracks. Note that such additives for concrete allow surface to breathe and prevents of mold and fungal formations.

Application area

Protection and waterproofing of concrete surfaces are extremely important procedures and this applies to all branches of human activity without exception. Therefore, such mixtures are on first place and actively used in the construction works, starting from the foundation, and ending with the walls and concrete structures of the roof. Also, such mixtures are used in places of an aggressive environment (sea water, oil, acids, gases, etc.) Since waterproofing for concrete has strong strengthening properties which can last several years. It is used in the reconstruction of bridges, reinforced concrete pillars, foundations and individual elements of buildings.

Why it is important to use only high-quality waterproofing mixtures?

Among all types of waterproofing mixtures, the best solutions are the dry mixtures "Hydroton" and "Hydroton-D", they have all the advantages and are able to significantly strengthen and protect concrete. Fake and substandard solutions have shown on practice their low efficiency. Poor waterproofing or low penetration into the pores of concrete, leads to a number of problems (flaking of plaster, dampness in the room, the destruction of metal fittings inside concrete structures).  Only professional mixtures are able to provide high durability of concrete.

Where can you order?

You can buy a high-quality waterproofing for concrete at online store of building chemistry at the best prices. It is a reliable level of protection of any concrete surface. We have been the leader in selling of waterproofing on Ukrainian market for many years. We cooperate with large construction companies and the quality of our products has been checked for years. Note that in addition to waterproofing mixtures, you can also buy:
  • foaming agents,
  • cement,
  • molds for paving slabs,
  • Plasticizers and others.
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