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The protective compound "HYDROTRON" is a system for protection of capillary - porous materials of buildings and structures against water, climatic and technologic forms of corrosion. It penetrates into the pores of concrete and seals them to a depth of up to 150 mm with a solid front. Unlike similar protective agents, "HYDROTRON" has a fairly simple technology that is not depends on storage and transportation, which is the result of a fundamentally new approach to the evaluation of interaction between construction and environment.


The application of "HYDROTRON" allows to:

  • Prevent aging of concrete; - Restore the waterproofing of surfaces that was lost during operation;
  • Create a protective layer to protect the material from an aggressive environment;
  • Restore the strength of bridge and foundation supports;
  • Create a protective coating on both sides of buildings and structures;
  • Eliminate leaks in basements, concrete tanks and tunnels;
  • Seal work seams and eliminate cracks in various structures and structures.

Field of application of "HYDROTRON" One of the most important uses of protective composition HYDROTRON is the restoration of the waterproofness of structures. In this are the composition can be used when: * creation of waterproofing surfaces (walls, cellars, technical floors, sewerage facilities, industrial and drinking water supply and others); * waterproofing coatings (roofs, garages and other objects); * creating protective surfaces that are protected by aggressive media (gases, acids, carbonization, alkalis, sea water, oil products, including kerosene and its derivatives); * Elimination of leaks in basements of buildings and structures, concrete tanks, tunnels and other objects; * Restoration (increase) of frost resistance of structures. In addition to restoring water and frost resistance, the protective compound "HYDROTRON" can be used to improve the strength characteristics of materials. In this regard, it is recommended to apply for: sealing of macro- and micro cracks in structures that arise during transportation, installation and operation; increase (recovery) of the bearing capacity of structures. The use of the protective composition "HYDROTRON" for the manufacture of building structures  in industrial and construction as an additive in the standard concrete mix  allows to obtaining guaranteed water resistance W10 and high and to increase  the final strength of structures by 25-40% and in frost resistance by 35-50 %

Preparation of the protective composition "HIDROTRON" The treated surfaces can be divided into two groups:

  1. New or exploited fairly flat surfaces with damage or minor damage.
  2. Old, long-exploited or poorly made surfaces that have significant damage or brickwork damage. For the first group of surfaces
In the tub for mortars (1 part of cement: 2 parts of sand) is mixed with the protective composition HYDROTRON in the ratio: 1. For applying a layer on the surface and sealing of minor damages: - 1 part of the protective composition of "HYDROTRON" - 1 part of cement-sand mortar. 2. For sealing of significant damage on the surface: - 1 part of the protective composition of "HYDROTRON"; - 2 parts of cement-sand mortar. 3. For plastering brickwork: - 1 part of the protective composition of "HYDROTRON"; - 3 parts of cement-sand mortar. In the resulting mixture added water in an amount of 30-35% by weight of the mixture, after which it is mixed until you have a uniform mass (at least 15 minutes). In the absence of a concrete mixer, the mixture is prepared in two stages: Stage 1: Dry mix of the mixture of protective composition "HYDROTRON" and cement-sand mortar (not less than 5 minutes). Step 2: Add water in an amount of 35% of the dry weight of the prepared mixture and thoroughly mix the solution (at least 10 minutes).

Packaging, Transportation, Storage The protective compound "HYDROTRON" is supplied in hermetically sealed multi-layer paper bags or polyethylene weights of 25 kg. The composition of "HYDROTRON" is transported by all modes of transport in covered vehicles, preventing moisture and pollution, in accordance with the rules of cargo transportation, which are valid for this type of transport. The shelf life of the "HYDROTRON" structure is 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Safety requirements Protective compound "HYDROTON": non-toxic, fire and explosion-proof and does not require additional safety measures in comparison with plastering works. You should use personal protective equipment (working clothes, safety shoes, goggles, mittens, a respirator) while working with a super plasticizer

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Waterproofing for concrete HYDROTON

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Waterproofing for concrete HYDROTON

Waterproofing for concrete HYDROTON

The protective compound "HYDROTRON" is a system for protection of capillary - porous materials of bu..

2,000 грн.

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