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DEICE POWER is a natural anti-ice reagent  crystal shape, which is used for winter processing of roads and streets in the temperature range up to -35 ° С. Quickly penetrates into the ice layer, requires the lowest flow rates, the duration of the action is up to 24 hours.


  • natural product;
  • low cost;
  • high melting rate, wide operating temperature range (up to -35 ° С);
  • low rates of consumption;
  • The duration of the action is independent of precipitation;
  • melts ice and fertilizes the soil;
  • Do not destroy concrete, tile, asphalt covering;
  • the lowest corrosion activity for ferrous metals;
  • does not form toxic compounds in soils, air and wastewater;
Main difference DEICE POWER from any mechanical mixtures and reagents by its origin. Magnesium chloride - its main component, is extracted from the bowels of the Earth. Possessing unique properties, it is used in various branches of the national economy: medicine, chemical, wood and oil refining industries, heat engineering and cooling, agriculture, construction, etc. At the moment DEICE POWER - the safest anti-ice reagent of all existing.

Operating principle.

DEICE POWER acts immediately upon contact with ice and moisture. The resulting mass, destroys the adhesion of ice to the surface (ice emits a peculiar sound, crackles), destroying it. After that, you can start cleaning snow slopes, ice. When exposed to a clean surface, DEICE POWER creates a protective film that prevents snow sticking or ice formation for up to 24 hours.

According to the conclusion of the Poltava Sanitary and Epidemiological Station on the total specific activity of natural radionuclides according to RBN-356/91, magnesium chloride (DEICE POWER) belongs to the first class and can be used without restrictions.     

Differences DEICE POWER from other anti-ice reagents:

  • A unique product of natural origin;
  • Does not affect the environment, green spaces, animals and people.
  • Minimum impact on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Has no chemical effect on asphalt, concrete and tile coatings.
  • Melting speed of ice is 5 times higher than that of salt, consumption is 50-60% less, operating temperature range is extended to -35 ° С.

Main properties and types of danger DEICE POWER

Danger class (for dangerous cargo):

Absent (cargo is NOT dangerous)

Aggressiveness, toxicity:

Not aggressive, not toxic. Not dangerous for humans, animals, plants.

Fire and explosion hazard:

Not flammable, not explosive.

Solubility in water:

Good. The material has great hygroscopicity.

Individual protection means:

Overalls, work shoes, personal protective equipment.

First Aid:

In case of contact with skin and eyes, wash with plenty of water.


In accordance with the manufacturer's marking, it meets the requirements of transport marking in accordance with GOST 14192


Keep out from children and pets, keep in closed storage areas. It is allowed to store on open pallets.


Anti-ice reagent DEICE POWER meets the requirements of TU U B.2.7-20.1-36993892-004: 2012 DEICE POWER is a fire and explosion-safe, it does not form toxic compounds in the air and sewage in the presence of other substances, it is not cumulated in the body. Guarantee period of storage of magnesium chloride crystalline - is not limited, provided the seal of the manufacturer's packaging is preserved. Keep out of the reach of children, away from food. 

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DEICE POWER Anti-ice reagent Ukraine dry bag 15 kg

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DEICE POWER Anti-ice reagent Ukraine dry bag 15 kg

DEICE POWER Anti-ice reagent Ukraine dry bag 15 kg

DEICE POWER is a natural anti-ice reagent  crystal shape, which is used for winter processing o..

1,374 грн.

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