Building Chemistry

Building chemicals (mixtures) due to which various finishing and construction works are carried out, have certain characteristics that allow accelerating the process of implementing complex projects. Our online service will help you buy building chemicals that has a vast field of application.


Construction chemistry allows you to perform repair works, connect building materials among themselves also it helps to provide reliable sealing. This category of goods includes various adhesive compounds, sealants and installation blends also primers that prepare the surface for further processing, plasticizers (they are added to the finished blends to improve the protective properties of materials) etc.

In addition, this section presents all kinds of inorganic dry pigments. They are added to the finished color blends and coatings. High dispersion figures and a strong coloring ability are the main properties of these blends. At the same time, all pigments are produced in accordance with current GOST standards. They are completely safe and effective in application, and also resistant to atmospheric conditions.

Advantages of the order through the virtual catalog of the company “VSV Plus”:

  • Excellent technical properties of the mixtures;
  • Wide assortment will satisfy quite demanding customers; the catalog is periodically supplemented with new products;
  • Collaboration with verified producers allowed improving the quality of the offered products;
  • Affordable prices with no extra cost;
  • Saving customers time due to the fact that the sale is carried out in a completely remote mode.


The final price of high-quality building materials is made up of the base price and extra charges. The company conducts direct cooperation with suppliers, which helps to reduce various material costs and accelerate the process of forming client orders. At the moment, the consumer can acquire the current price list for products through a convenient remote service.

How to shop online?

The company “VSV Plus” offers to buy a building chemistry with delivery to any region. For service clients we have an attractive terms for wholesale and retail. Convenient catalog will help you to select a material, study its composition and other technical properties. For prior coordination of details it is possible to talk to the adviser by phone and online.