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It is impossible to ensure normal maintenance of the road surface in winter without using of special substances, which are called anti-ice reagents. You can buy them at the best price at your online store They provide not only normal movement of cars and pedestrians, but also facilitate the cleaning of snow during heavy snowfalls and thaws.

You will find and select modern anti-ice reagents of such firms as EJIK, TOR, ICMELT ICEMELT, BISHOFIT and others.

Principle of action and types of anti-ice reagents 

There are two most popular types of anti-ice reagents: liquid and solid. Their main difference is primarily on weather conditions under which they are used. So in dry weather it is more expedient to use liquid substances. During slush the best choice will be a solid anti-ice-cold reagent.

When interacting with the ice surface the reagent begins to actively release heat and melt the ice. Notice that these substances, in contrast to other types of anti-ice reagents, have one important feature. The melted mass has a temperature much lower than the freezing point of water it means that even with a significant decrease in the air temperature, no new ice formation occurs. Notice that anti-icing reagent with that feature can only be purchased in specialized companies, such as “VSV Plus.”

Basic requirements for anti-ice reagents

Our building chemistry store works directly with suppliers of high-quality reagents. That is why our entire range is fully certified, and has all the necessary documents to prove its quality. All anti-ice reagents meet the following requirements:

  • Lower the maximum freezing limit of water at subzero temperatures.
  • They quickly react with ice and snow accumulations.
  • Do not harm green plantations.
  • Do not destroy the road and pavement.
  • Are completely harmless to human health and environmentally friendly.

Each anti-ice reagent from our catalog, fully meets all the requirements, due to which it is actively used by both road services of Ukraine and private companies to care for the road surface.

Main features

Despite the fact that all anti-ice reagents are completely safety proper care must be taken while using them. First of all, this concerns the dosage and climatic conditions of each area.

If the required dose is exceeded the reagent can harm not only the car’s rubber or road surface, but also human health. That is why we highly recommend approaching the use with responsibly. In addition, it is necessary to competently approach the choice of reagents that will be used in the forest park area.

Proper and safe use implies compliance with certain conditions. The standard dosage should not exceed 35-100 g / m2; this usually depends on the thickness of the ice and air temperature. The lower the temperature and the higher thickness of ice, the more solution it is necessary to use, but not more than 100 g per m2.

How to order?   

The online store of building chemistry, materials and equipment gives you the opportunity to buy an anti-ice by acceptable prices for everyone. We work directly with the manufacturer of such substances. The sale is carried out not only in retail but also in bulk. We will save your time! We have free delivery of goods to any region throughout the country.