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Fiber for concrete – Fiber fiber

Fiber for concrete (fiber) is a substance that is added to the concrete to increase its strength. The material becomes fire-resistant and to high temperatures resistant. In addition it will extend the service life.

The structure includes a plurality of microscopic fibers connected to each other. A same structure is used in the production of reinforced concrete.

To understand the main advantages you should consider the basic properties.  You can buy the fiberglass right now and achieve the necessary reinforcement of concrete. The pouring will be resistant to mechanical influences.

The main components of fiber

There are a basalt, polypropylene, glass, metal and steel bases (Существует базальтовая, полипропиленовая, стеклянная, металлическая и стальная основы). It is not necessary to use special equipment for mixing. It is enough to apply a conventional concrete mixer as for the average costumer of the material; it averages 0.5-1 kg per cubic meter.

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