Molds Antic №1 (smooth, shagreen)

25.00 грн./item

Size (mm): 200х200х45. Number of square meters: 25 pcs.

Molds for paving slabs Antic No. 1 shagreen.

Molds for paving slabs of plastics are used in the production of paving slabs by the method of vibro-casting using the technology of compacting a concrete mix on a vibro table, in forms for paving tiles with subsequent hardening in natural conditions.

500 cycles of filling.

The size, mm – 200х200х45

25 pcs. on 1м².

Molds for paving slabs allow:

– Having a small surface area of one tile, it is possible to pave a large area fairly smoothly;

– Create a huge number of different ornaments, using the elements of the series Antique, Mosaic;

– Create strict geometric drawings of tracks;

– Resists of modern requirements of durability;

– Simplicity of laying, installation;

– Saves the producing of concrete at standard loads on the paving slab, by choosing the thickness of the forms 45 mm.


With the molds for paving slabs Antique pattern combine such shapes for paving slabs:

– Molds for sidewalk tile Antic 1 smooth;

– Molds for paving slabs Antique №2 shagreen;

– Molds for paving tiles Antic №3 shagreen;

– Molds for paving slabs Antic №4 shagreen;

– Molds for sidewalk tile Antic №4 pattern.

With the molds for the paving slab Antic No. 1 shagreen combine such shapes for the paving slabs of the Mosaic series:

Molds for paving slabs. A large mosaic.

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