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For effective fire fighting and for improving the quality of building materials – the industry produces specialized chemicals. It is always possible to buy a blowing agent for foam concrete by optimal prices, at profile portals, such as a store of building chemistry The company “VSV Plus” offers consumers a wide range of chemicals for economic, production needs. Among the products, the frother “Sophir”, this is used in the production of building materials, for refueling foam stations.

Fire Fighting Blowing Agents

By design, chemical substance is divided into two types: for extinguishing fires, producing construction materials. In Ukraine consumers will be able to buy foam agents produced by industrial enterprises for refueling foam stations installed at various sites. The composition of the liquid marks depends on the sphere in which the substance is used. There are the following types of foaming agents for fire safety:

  • General purpose;
  • With increased fire-fighting properties;
  • Frost-resistant;
  • Film-forming;
  • Universal;
  • Marine

The company “VSV Plus” offers customers fire extinguishing blowing agents of three types. The brand “Morpen” is the target synthetic preparation and capable to biodegradation. Made for use on sea, river vessels, ships and other marine objects. The price on blowing agent Sophir is higher than for a general-purpose preparation. Such a value is determined by the technical parameters of a liquid substance:

  • low toxicity;
  • Difficultly combustible;
  • Can decompose without residual harmful substances;
  • It is possible to use sea water, fresh water;
  • Can form foam of low, high, medium multiplicity;
  • Corresponds to Solas-74.

Details on the brand of blowing agent are presented in the description of the product category. The company offers a liquid frosting”Sophir” SOFIRAFFF; AFFFAR is a good film-forming synthetic preparation. It is made to extinguish fires with foam at enterprises with increased danger. It has high fire-extinguishing parameters, meets international standards.

Blowing Agents for the production of foam concrete

The production of foam concrete blocks is associated with the use of specialized liquids forming foam, capable of increasing the volume by several times. Suppliers offer to buy a blowing agent for foam concrete of various brands. Main types:

  • Protein;
  • Synthetic

The last one characterized by an increase in the time of setting and solidification of the solution. Strength of products is lower and resistance to adding additives is not high. It is characterized by:

  • Reduced setting time, hardening of concrete;
  • High strength of products;
  • Compatible with accelerators

The company offers “Sophir-PB. High-quality liquid for obtaining reliable products. For customers we offer a favorable terms for the purchase of the substance by wholesale lots. Delivery can be carried out by transport companies in any region. You can also choose self-delivery and pick up the product from the warehouse.