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Pigments used in construction work are powder mixtures of different colors and compositions. Used to give special properties to paints that improve their performance. In the Internet – store http://budchem.com.ua it is possible to buy pigment toner for concrete, the price of which is competitive, delivery to all regions of Ukraine. The industry produces various powders, united by the common name of building pigments.

In the building chemistry store of the company VSV Plus, there is a significant selection of different pigments, such as: natural (in paint, blue and green), toner (in paint white and yellow), organic (in paint black and brown).

Types of pigment additives

Among the products represented by the producers of colored highly-powdered powders, the pigments are divided into the following types:

  • Organic;
  • Artificial;
  • Mineral;
  • Natural.

Substances may be slightly soluble / insoluble in water or organic liquids. Possess the ability to give the final product coloration and specific properties.  Their parameters change in a positive way after added to concrete solutions. Specialized powder coloring pigment for concrete can be bought today at http://budchem.com.ua, directly from the manufacturer. Pigments give to the composition:

  • A variety of colors;
  • Opacity;
  • Improves properties;
  • Prolong the periods of operation of treated surfaces and concrete products.

Features of pigments

By their structure pigment mixtures of various types have distinctive characteristics. Each of them has a certain color and specific properties. But among the features there are common parameters inherent in all substances of this type. The material dry pigment in concrete construction has the following characteristics:

  1. Light fastness, immunity to the effects of light rays;
  2. Hiding power: powder consumption per m²;
  3. Weather resistance, the ability to maintain the original properties when exposed to the external environment;
  4. Fineness of grinding: particle size in powder formulations;
  5. Coloring ability, allows you to impart your color;
  6. Counteracting an aggressive environment, which allows you to maintain properties when exposed to chemicals;
  7. Fire resistance, ability without destruction, color changes to withstand high temperatures.
  8. Anticorrosive, counteracting the change in the properties of metals.

To improve the quality of the solution and to achieve the required level, it is necessary to use dry pigments for concrete. Modern paints from reliable manufacturers and suppliers.

Where to buy?

There are a lot of offers from pigment suppliers but today is not uncommon when they are selling fake construction materials. Costumers find it very difficult to understand the quality and composition of the mixture.

“VSV Plus” offers a customer high-quality products for construction works. In the range of iron oxide pigment, designed to improve the quality of concrete. The product can be used for the production of paving slabs of different colors. Decorative shade makes it possible to create designer compositions from various tile elements.

A special technology for the production of mixtures is widely used by many manufacturers. The company “VSV Plus” provides building pigments that can be ordered online or by phone  +38-067-750 20 37 we will give you a professional advice. We offer individual preferences for wholesale buyers of construction chemistry and discounts for regular customers.