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Plasticizers for concrete

The high rates of technologies development of building materials required the improvement of the qualities of mixtures and mortars for construction work.

As a result, modern plastering solutions arose without the use of lime, it was possible to increase the strength of concrete mixes at minimum costs, it became possible to fill and lay of foundation at minus temperature, and there were mortars with increased waterproofing properties, which were achieved due to the addition of various elements (plasticizers).

To maintain the strength and enhance the adhesion of the mixture, a plasticizer is used. This solution having much better properties than lime.

The plasticizer is capable of: reducing shrinkage upon shrinkage; do not cause corrosion of the reinforcement; minimize the number of chips, cracks; increase the ductility and strength of the mixture; give the opportunity to work with the solution at a temperature of -2 degrees; reduce water permeability.

The company “VSV Plus” offers to customers a large selection of plasticizers (Nikolayev): Color Flash, Lav Mix, Superplasticizer GLENIUM, Polyplast-VIBRO (for press), Superplasticizers for gypsum, for concrete and other names of plasticizers.