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Facade plastering C-31 (polymer-cement) APPLICATION AREA A puttying solution is a special dry mix of mineral components and special polymer additives. The putty mixture is intended for internal and external finishing works on all types of mineral substrates. Can be used for cracks filling. The mixture allows improving a smooth and aesthetic surface. The putty mixture is highly plastic and has the ability to obtain a textured appearance, is characterized by good adhesion to the substrate, water and frost resistant, easy to use, environmentally friendly. TECHNICAL DATA The proportion of the mixture is 0.19-0.21 l of water / kg. The consumption per 1 mm of the thickness of the layer is 1.45 kg per m2. The recommended layer thickness is 1.5-5 mm. The time of suitability of the solution for use is 3 hours. Open time - 20 minutes. Further work - not earlier than 1 day. Adhesion to the base is min 0.5 MPa. Frost resistance - min 50 cycles. The temperature of the substrate is from + 50 ° C to + 300 ° C. The operating temperature ranges from -300C to + 850C. PREPARATION OF FOUNDATION The basis for the putty may be surfaces of:
  • Bricks or hollow blocks;
  • Concrete;
  • Cement-chipboards, as well as gypsum surfaces, gypsum-concrete.
Before cementing the cement-chipboards the joint between the plates must be closed with a metal mesh attached to the plate. In addition, the surface under the putty should be cleaned of dirt and dust and moistened with clean water directly before the putty. PREPARATION OF ADHESIVE MIXTURE A puttying solution is a ready dry mix of mineral components that do not require additives of sand and cement. Preparation of the solution consists in adding water and kneading manually or mechanically. The solution is ready for use immediately after shaking. The proportions of water and mixture should be determined in a practical way, adding the required amount of water depending on the desired consistency of the solution, the type of substrate and the atmospheric conditions. WAYS OF APPLICATION Putty mortar is applied evenly to the wall with a spatula, and the excess solution is collected by a grater of polystyrene or wood. The method of surface treatment depends on the desired category of putty. CONSUMPTION To purchase a solution of a plastic consistency, add 4 liters of water to 25 kg of dry mixture (1 bag). From one package (25 kg) you can make 6-8 m2 putty with a thickness of 5 mm. Storage: In a dry place in branded bags. The warranty period of storage is 12 months from the production date.

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Facades plaster C-31

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Facades plaster C-31

Facades plaster C-31

Facade plastering C-31 (polymer-cement) APPLICATION AREA A puttying solution is a special dry mix ..

92 грн.

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