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Biodegradable Grease for Molds and Formwork BIOSMOL-1 (compliance with the requirements of GOST 1510) Biodegradable grease Biosmoly-1 is an ecologically clean product of a new generation, developed on the basis of natural oils. Biosmol-1 is a mixture of vegetable oils, emulsifiers and special additives. The main consumers of Biosmol-1 are enterprises producing ferro-concrete products, foam blocks, gas blocks, paving tiles, fences and construction companies using Biomol-1 for the lubrication of formwork. The tests carried out at the enterprises confirmed the main advantages of Biosmol-1 in front of emulsions and other lubricants from petroleum products: - Ecological compatibility (does not harm health, does not require special conditions for disposal, does not have harmful effects on the environment); - economy (there is no need to have a post preparation of an emulsion, no costs for electricity during production, pumping, mixing emulsion, low grease consumption (1L per 30-40m2 surface) - wide range of applications (for all kinds of molds, formwork from metal, plastic, wood and rubber is well held on horizontal and vertical surfaces, can be applied to hot forms, is used on vibrating tables) - withstands temperature fluctuations (it is possible to use it on open objects under any weather conditions (in winter to -10 ° C), it normally works after defrosting); - It is easy to use (do not require additional preparation before use, easily applied with a sprayer, brush, roller) - interacts well with the product (does not leave stains, creates quality, smooth and without a porous surface), - has anti-corrosion properties (does not have a harmful effect on molds and formwork). In comparison with imported analogues, a significant advantage in price with the same grease consumption. Answer TU U 2507810617.001-04 Indicator Normative Control Density at 20 ° C, kg / m3, not less than 850 GOST 3900 Acid number, mg KOH per 1 g of product, no more than 10 GOST 5985 Kinematic viscosity at 40 ° C, mm2 / s, no more than 600 DSTU GOST 33 Biosmol-1 is supplied as a concentrate. Biosmol-1 can be applied to the form in a concentrated form, and can be diluted with diesel fuel. The proportion of dilution with diesel oil is 1: 1, but the proportion can be selected experimentally for a specific production (you can increase the amount of diesel fuel and thereby reduce the cost of lubrication). At the request of the customer, Biosmol-1 can be supplied ready-made. Packaging Biosmoly-1 is produced in accordance with the requirements of GOST 1510. Biomoly-1 is packed in transport containers. As a transport container used barrels of 55 liters and 216.5 liters. Shelf life: 12 months. We are sure that the new generation of Biosmol grease is a reliable replacement for expensive greases from petroleum products and meets all the grease requirements of our customers.

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Grease for formwork BIOSMOL

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Grease for formwork BIOSMOL

Grease for formwork BIOSMOL

Biodegradable Grease for Molds and Formwork BIOSMOL-1 (compliance with the requirements of GOST 1510..

2,592 грн.

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