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  • Water repellent GKZH-11K Ukraine liquid 10 kg

Applies to:

  • In the construction for protection from moisture of all parts of buildings from the roof to the foundation, as well as ceramic and silicate bricks, concrete, asbestos cement slag, cinder blocks and aerated concrete, gypsum fiber and gypsum board materials, in the production of cement screeds, paving slabs, curbstone and other products;
  • For the waterproofing of the foundations of structures;
  • In oil production as a modifier of clay drilling fluids in the oil and gas industry.
  • gives the material excellent water-repellent properties;
  • prevents the appearance of wall saltpeter’s;
  • gives the material frost and corrosion resistance, light fastness, prevents surface contamination;
  • Does not change the appearance of the material, it keeps gas and air permeability;
  • Economically, since it is used in the form of an aqueous solution when the product is diluted with water more than 15 times.



The liquid is colorless to dark brown in color. A fine precipitate and mechanical impurities due to the container are allowed.

Mass fraction of dry residue,%, n / m


Mass fraction of alkali (in terms of KOH),%, not more than


Mass fraction of silicon,%, not less than

10, 0

Density at a temperature of 200 ° C, g / cm3

1, 34-1, 40

* Hydrophobic ability

Passed the test

Storage conditions:

GKG-11K stored in closed containers at temperatures from minus 300C to plus 300C in closed dry warehouses, protecting from moisture and direct sunlight.

Method of use in construction:

Volumetric hydrophobization In the production of building materials from gypsum, concrete, cement, clay: paving slab, curbstone, etc., the hydrophobic agent is introduced into the volume of the mixture as part of the mixing water. Consumption is 0, 05-0, 7% of the mass of the binder (for cement no more than 0, 2%) and is adjusted taking into account the compound formula.

Surface hydrophobization

Processing of building structures should be carried out in dry weather at a temperature of not lower than 3-50C and not higher than 300C. The surface must be dry and clean. The product form of the water repellent agent is diluted with water 20-30 times (depending on the nature and porosity of the material). The consumption of the product form is 10-30 g / m2 (dense materials) and 40-90 g / m2 (porous materials). The working solution should be used within 8 hours. The treatment is carried out 1-2 times with an interval of no more than 5 minutes by brush, roller (possibly by dipping) evenly over the entire surface to shine in the pores, avoiding streaks (the formed streaks are removed). The treated surface should dry for at least 24 hours.

The service life of the coating is 5 years.

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Water repellent GKZH-11K Ukraine liquid 10 kg

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Water repellent GKZH-11K Ukraine liquid 10 kg

Water repellent GKZH-11K Ukraine liquid 10 kg

Applies to: In the construction for protection from moisture of all parts of buildings from the..

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