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Eco-friendly grease for SEPAREN molds Product Description Environmentally friendly grease for SEPAREN forms is applicable for all kinds of forms, formwork made of wood, plastic, rubber and steel, all forms of steam heated, which fill up in a hot state. The main consumers of SEPAREN are enterprises for the production of reinforced concrete products, foam blocks, gas blocks, paving tiles, euro-fences and construction companies that use SEPAREN for the greasing of formwork. It is non-combustible and does not contain substances harmful from the point of view of hygiene, which does not pollute the environment and groundwater. Application SEPAREN is convenient for all kinds of formwork and forms made of wood, plastic, rubber and steel. High resistance to abrasion by concrete allows in some cases multiple stripping without reuse of the formwork. SEPAREN does not affect the color of concrete and can also be used for concrete from white cement. Does not destroy organic materials like: rubber sealing of metal forms, rubber mats, plywood or heat insulating materials. SEPAREN can be applied by brush, spray, roller. It is advisable to apply the finest layer of the agent. The thick layer is uneconomical, it degrades the quality of the concrete surface and the strength of the applied layer. If a more liquid consistency is required for application, then SEPAREN can be diluted with water to 50% by adding it in small portions and mixing. CAUTION! Concrete in the mold or formwork is stacked only after the film formed by SEPAREN has dried. Consumption Not hydroscopic formwork - about 1 liter per 20m2 Properties Appearance: milky white liquid Density: 965 - 980 kg / m3 -3 at 200С according to CHG 65 6010 Curing temperature - 300С according to CHG 65 6072 Warehousing, Packing and transportation While storage does not freeze. It should be protected from sunlight or other heat. Store the product in a closed metal package, lacquered, or galvanized. Shelf life 6 months. SEPAREN is supplied in 200 liter barrels, but can be packed into 50 liters of barrels and plastic cans at the request of the customer. Precautionary measures In the course of storage, handling and use, all instructions for handling substances classified as Class III flammability must be observed. When working indoors, you should ensure sufficient ventilation. The product is non-toxic, but like all other chemicals, it should be considered harmful to health and, working with it, observe the rules of hygiene.

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Grease for molds SEPAREN (Slovakia)

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Grease for molds SEPAREN (Slovakia)

Grease for molds SEPAREN (Slovakia)

Eco-friendly grease for SEPAREN molds Product Description Environmentally friendly grease for SEPA..

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