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POLYPLAST SP-1VP is an additive related to the plasticizing-water-reducing type - superplasticizers. It is a mixture of sodium salts of olimethylene naphthalene sulfonic acids of different molecular weight with the addition of an air-suppressing component. Application Superplasticizer POLIPLAST SP-1VP is recommended to be used in the production of precast reinforced concrete, including pre-stressed concrete. In the production of structures from monolithic heavy concrete classes for compressive strengths of B15 and above, in the production of fine-grained concrete structures with strength classes of B10 and higher, as well as for the production of thick-reinforced structures, thin-walled structures and structures with complex configurations. The maximum efficiency of the superplasticizer POLIPLAST SP-1VP is achieved in the manufacture of high-mobility mixtures P4 and P5 and in the production of high-strength concretes B40 and above. Superplasticizer POLYPLAST SP-1VP is recommended to be used for the manufacture of concrete structures and products with a compacted structure of cement stone and with improved surface quality.
  • Increase the mobility of the concrete mixture from P1 to P5 without reducing the strength and durability of concrete (with a constant water and cement content);
  • Increase the strength characteristics of concrete by 20% or more (due to a reduction in water consumption with constant flow of cement and mobility of the concrete mix);
  • To obtain concrete mixtures and concretes containing not more than 1.7% of the involved air;
  • To manufacture structures and products with a compacted structure of cement stone and with improved surface quality;
  • To reduce the consumption of cement in the equidistant mixtures by 15-20%;
  • Reduce the duration and energy costs for heat and moisture treatment of concrete;
  • Significantly reduce the time and energy costs for vibrating a concrete mix, and in some cases completely refuse to vibrate. Dynamics of the strength set and air content in a concrete mixture when using an additive.
Additive Concrete mixture Concrete strength for compression, MPa, age, days
Сomposition Dosage,% Cement consumption, g / m3. V/С Density, kg / m3. Air content,% ОК,sm 1 2 3 7 28
Control 348 0,53 2373 1,7 3 4,7 11,8 15,6 25,1 35,2
С-3 0,6 346 0,53 2360 3,2 21,5 4,2 11,2 15,6 25,4 35,3
С-3 0,6 351 0,44 2366 3,4 4 6,8 16,5 21,8 33,9 42,2
Polyplast SP-1 VP 0,6 353 0,53 2380 1,2 21 4,4 11,5 16,4 26,4 36,9
Polyplast SP-1 VP 0,6 353 0,44 2384 1,1 4 7,1 17,1 22,6 35,2 44,0
  The tests were carried out in accordance with GOST 10181 and GOST 10180 on the following materials: Portland cement PC500 DO, GOST 10178; quartz sand Mkr. = 2.5, GOST 8736; rubble granite fraction 5-20 mm, GOST 8267. Appearance and properties POLYPLAST SP-1VP superplasticizer with reduced air entrainment is produced in dry and liquid form: in the form of a water-soluble brown powder and an aqueous solution of dark brown color having a concentration of at least 32%. Dosage Recommended dosage of superplasticizer with reduced air entrainment POLIPLAST SP-1VP in concrete and mortar mixes is 0,4 - 0,8% of dry substance from cement mass. Addition POLYPLAST SP-1VP is introduced into the concrete mixture in the form of an aqueous solution of the working concentration. It should be borne in mind that as the dosage is increased; the amount of air entrained in the concrete mixture is reduced. Storage Guarantee shelf life of superplasticizer POLIPLAST SP-1VP is 1 year. The additive in dry form should be stored in the original packaging in closed warehouses of any type. The additive in liquid form should be stored in closed containers at a temperature of at least plus 10 ° C. Packing and Delivery In liquid form, the additive is supplied in bulk in railway tanks or in tank trucks of various capacities. In dry form, the additive is packed in polypropylene or paper bags with a polyethylene liner of 25 kg or soft containers of MCR weighing up to 1,000 kg and is supplied by road, railway cars and containers. Safety requirements Superplasticizer POLYPLAST SP-1VP liquid - fire and explosion-proof substance, dry - combustible substance (fire extinguishing agents: fine dusted water, air-mechanical foam based on PO-1D, Sampo, PO-6K, PO-ZAI). Superplasticizer POLIPLAST SP-1VP - a substance that is moderately hazardous and belongs to the 3rd class of danger according to GOST 12.1.007. When working with additive, personal protective equipment (special clothes, shoes, hand protection, eyesight and breathing equipment) should be used.

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Superplasticizer SP-1VP

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Superplasticizer SP-1VP

Superplasticizer SP-1VP

POLYPLAST SP-1VP is an additive related to the plasticizing-water-reducing type - superplasticizers...

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