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Polypropylene monofilament fiber for disperse reinforcement of concrete and mortars. What is fiber? Fiber is the smallest polypropylene fibers of a certain diameter and length with given mechanical, physical and chemical properties. Why do you need a fiber in concrete? Fiber is used for disperse reinforcement of concrete. It is evenly distributed in the mixture, reinforcing it throughout the volume. 1 kg of fiber contains about 250,000,000 fibers.
  • Reduces micro plastic shrinkage and cracking during the first hours of hardening concrete;
  • Prevents the appearance of cement milk on the surface of concrete;
  • Increased wear resistance of concrete;
  • Increases water resistance of concrete;
  • Increases the resistance to freeze cycles - defrosting;
  • Increases the compressive strength and strengthens the ends and corners, thereby eliminating chips;
  • Reduces the possibility of damage to the structure when the formwork is removed.
Fiber properties:


100% polypropylene


0.91 tons / m 3

Elastic modulus:

3500 - 3600 N / mm 2

Tensile strength:

320 – 400 Н/мм 2

Melting point:

160 – 170 0 С

Electrical Conductivity


Chemical resistance:



7 – 12 mm

Mode of application: Fiber is poured into any concrete or mortar mixer into a dry mixture before adding water. Dosage: 0.9 kg (one packet) per 1 cubic meter of concrete. Mixing time 4 - 6 minutes for mixers with a volume of 6 - 8 cubic meters. In case if it is necessary to increase the plasticity of concrete or mortar - do not add water, but adding plasticizer. Fiber is fully compatible with additives in concrete and mortars. In the event that the fibers protrude on the surface, they can either be melted by fire, or could be left as an anchor for better adhesion of the finishing layer. Concrete and solutions reinforced with fiber can be pumped. Application area:
  • Industrial floors;
  • Screeds;
  • Walls in contact with the ground;
  • Structures immersed in fresh and salt water;
  • Plasters;
  • Dry mixes;
  • Piers;
  • Bridges;
  • Shotcrete;
  • Lightweight concrete;
  • Foam concrete;
  • Concrete elements.

Thickness of screed


 Rise in price for 1 cubic meter

1 package (0.9 kg) - per 1 m 3 of solution - 63.00 UAH.

0,5 cm

5 g.

0,35 UAH.

1,0 cm

10 g.

0,7 UAH.

2,0 cm

20 g.

1,4 UAH.

4,0 cm

40 g.

2,8 UAH.

5,0 cm

50 g.

3,5 UAH.

10,0 cm

100 g.

7,0 UAH.


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Polypropylene fiber

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Polypropylene fiber

Polypropylene fiber

Polypropylene monofilament fiber for disperse reinforcement of concrete and mortars. What is fiber?..

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