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Complex K-11 (retarder (liquid))

Complex K-11 (retarder (liquid))

Plasticizer - cement hydration regulator Approved for use: Complies with the requirements of TU U ..

2,400 грн.

Setting Retardant  LINAMIX SP-180

Setting Retardant LINAMIX SP-180

Linymex P-120 (TU 5870-007-58042865-05) The complex additive "Linamix P-120" is intended: For th..

1,250 грн.

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Retardant for concrete

For ensuring the maximum reliability of the construction and continuous concreting retarders of adhesion may come to help you. You should note immediately that after the first addition of these substances the strength of the construction will be less noticeably. But it will exceed the average figures after 28 days. So it is no need to worry about safety. After reviewing other qualities, you will notice that the crystal lattice of the material has become more uniform and durable. So it means that retarders of concrete installation are an indispensable thing on the construction site. The finished solution can be stored for 5 hours. You should read the instruction manual first. The thing is that the increased content of the retardant leads to the fact that the constructions will a high strong quality.

Where is the best place to buy retardants?

The company "VSV Plus" offer you a wide range of qualify products from the companies we entrust. It means that you do not have to worry about the safety of the construction and compliance of concrete to all standards. It is very simple to order the retarder! Even a person who is far from modern technologies could handle it. Dou you have any questions? Our specialists will respond to all your questions and give you a competent advice, so you will not be disappointed in cooperation with us. We offer a low cost and a high quality.  You can hardly find something like that in competitors’ stores. You can make the order in the amount you need.

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