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  • Spolos TB CHRYSO (antifreeze additive)
The additive accelerates the hardening of plasticized and reduces the amount of water. CHRYSO®Spolos TB this additive is created on the basis of a new group of modified polycarboxylic acids. It became a long-awaited response to the demand of manufacturers of ready-mixed concrete and prefabricated elements, namely the creation of an additive that meets the requirements for plasticizers and accelerators for hardening. CHRYSO® Spolos TB is characterized by a double action: It improves mobility, and / or reduces (in 8-20%) the amount of water in the concrete mix, and greatly accelerates the strength of concrete, especially at low temperatures. CHRYSO® Spolos TB is especially recommended for the production of ready-mixed concrete in cold and winter conditions. CHRYSO® Spolos TB also shows itself well in the production of prefabricated elements when it is necessary to obtain an increased early strength of concrete. General characteristics: Description: homogeneous liquid Color: green, homogeneous Density at 20 ° C: 1.07 kg / dm3 ± 0.02 pH 4 ± 1 Content of Cl- ions: ≤ 0.1% Na2O equivalent <1% Packaging: Canister 20 liters Barrels 215 l Container 1000 l Conformity: CHRYSO® Spolos TB is an admixture that complies with the PN-EN 934-2 standard. Use (Applications)
  • All types of cement;
  • Concrete mixes with mobility from P1 to P4;
  • Prefabricated elements (with steaming and without);
  • Ready-mixed concrete;
  • Prestressed elements;
  • Reinforced concrete elements;
  • Concrete, which requires a rapid increase in strength, in particular at low temperatures.
Method of use Dosage: 0.5 - 3.0 kg per 100 kg of cement. Most often the dosage is 1.2% to the weight of the cement. CHRYSO® Spolos TB is completely miscible with water. Add the product to the water by stirring or directly into the mixer. The amount of water is determined depending on the desired mobility. To increase fluidity, you can re-add the additive to the concrete mixers immediately before pouring it out; the minimum additional mixing time is 2 minutes. The optimum dosage is determined experimentally considering the properties of the concrete mixture and solid concrete. Warning Storage conditions: The additive can be stored at a temperature not lower than the freezing point. However, it is recommended not to store it at negative temperatures. In case of freezing, the product should be completely thawed and vigorously mixed until a uniform consistency is obtained. Shelf life: 18 months. Security The product is not classified as hazardous. However, we recommend wearing protective gear. Details can be found in the safety instructions. The information contained in this document is based on our knowledge and test results. But it cannot be treated as a guarantee, excluding our responsibility in case of misuse. Before using the product, tests should be carried out to ensure that the methods and conditions of use are satisfactory. Our specialists are ready to give you an advice about any problems you can have.

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Spolos TB CHRYSO (antifreeze additive)

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Spolos TB CHRYSO (antifreeze additive)

Spolos TB CHRYSO (antifreeze additive)

The additive accelerates the hardening of plasticized and reduces the amount of water. CHRYSO®Spolo..

480 грн.

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