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Superplasticizer GLENIUM 115


Product description

GLENIUM®115 is a third generation polycarboxylate ester superplasticizer.

Areas of use

GLENIUM®115 is a versatile superplasticizer that works effectively in concrete mixes of any workability (from hard mixes to self-compacting).


• For obtaining high-strength concrete;

• For the manufacture of concrete mixtures intended for the manufacture of prestressed load-bearing structures;

• For cast self-compacting concrete;

• Approved to be used for the production of concrete in contact with drinking water.

Features and Benefits

GLENIUM®115 allows you to achieve the following benefits in the production of concrete:

• Increase in the ultimate strength of concrete in compression, as well as in bending and tensile strength;

• Increase the mobility of low W / C concrete without delamination or water separation;

• Can be used with all types of cement;

• Compared to traditional superplasticizers, GLENIUM®115 improves the physical properties (increases the density and decreases the permeability) and thus the durability of the concrete.

• Reduced laying cycle;

• Allows you to exclude the steaming of products;

• Allows you to reduce the duration and intensity of vibration or completely abandon it;

• Labor costs are reduced;

• The quality of the concrete surface is improved.

Mechanism of action

GLENIUM®115 has a different chemical structure compared to traditional superplasticizers. It consists of a polymeric polycarboxylate ether with long side chains. The mechanism of action of the GLENIUM®115 additive is based on the adsorption of its molecules on cement particles. The resulting forces of electrostatic repulsion do not allow the particles to approach and form conglomerates. In addition to the effect of electrostatic repulsion, the mechanism of action also contains a spatial effect, for which the side chains, which are part of the molecule, are responsible. The sum of these two effects results in a high water-reducing action.

Recommendations for use

GLENIUM®115 is a ready-to-use liquid additive that is added to the concrete mix together with the mixing water (preferably with the last third of the mixing water).

Cannot be added to dry mix!

It is advisable to provide a sufficient mixing time after the addition of the additive.

Technical data

Appearance: Opaque white liquid

Density (at 20 ° C): 1.07 ± 0.02 g / cm3

pH (at 20 ° C): 6.5 ± 1.5

Maximum chloride content: ≤ 0.1%

Maximum alkali content: <1.7%


Recommended dosage: 0.1 - 1.1% by weight of cement. The exact amount of the additive should be selected in the laboratory by carrying out trial batches.


GLENIUM®115 is compatible with viscosity regulators RheoMATRIX®100, Glenium®Stream, with air entraining additives of the Micro Air® series. GLENIUM®115 is not compatible with Rheobuild® plasticizers. In all cases, it is important to add GLENIUM®115 first and then other additives.

GLENIUM®115 is supplied in 1000 kg containers, 220 kg drums, 25 kg cans.

Shelf life

The minimum shelf life is 12 months if stored in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions in unopened original packaging.

Storage conditions

Store at temperatures from + 50C, in a closed container, avoid direct sunlight, protect from high temperatures. Failure to comply with the recommended storage conditions may result in premature damage to the packaging or change in the properties of the product.

Precautions and Transportation

There are no special requirements for the use of the product. The use of protective gloves is recommended. In case of contact with skin, rinse with water. Avoid contact with mucous membranes, in case of contact, rinse with plenty of water. GLENIUM®115 is a non-flammable and non-toxic product, therefore there are no special recommendations for transportation.

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Superplasticizer GLENIUM 115 BASF Germany liquid canister 30 l

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Superplasticizer GLENIUM 115 BASF Germany liquid canister 30 l

Superplasticizer GLENIUM 115 BASF Germany liquid canister 30 l

Superplasticizer GLENIUM 115 GLENIUM®115 Product description GLENIUM®115 is a third gen..

4,050 грн.

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