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Glenium® ACE 430 Zero Energy System is a new generation of superplasticizers based on polycarboxylate ether for reinforced concrete structures and products.

Product Description

The chemical additive Glenium® ACE 430 is an aqueous solution of a polycarboxylate ester of a certain composition and configuration.

Areas of use

System ACE - Admixture Controlled Energy - Optimization of energy control, controlled by additives. Glenium® ACE 430 is recommended for the preparation of high-mobility concrete mixes intended for the production of reinforced concrete structures and products with high strength on prefabricated concrete plants and in the production of self-compacting concrete, for the vibration-free molding of articles.

Features and Benefits

Glenium® ACE 430 provides the production of concrete mixtures with high mobility and early and final strength values, which allows to produce high-quality concrete products and reduces production costs. The Zero Energy system was designed to rationalize the production of concrete prefabricated elements. - Production of concrete mixes with high mobility, strength and density with decreasing water-cement ratio. It allows to shorten the duration and (or) the temperature of the product processing, which leads to the saving of energy resources and reduces the cost of heat treatment of products, as well as the increase in the turnover of forms and the number of products. - Improving the quality of the surface of the products Allows to reduce the time of vibration treatment of the concrete mixture during the molding of products or to completely abandon it, which reduces the energy consumption for this process, as well as reducing the noise and vibration effects.

Mechanism of action

The mechanism of action of Glenium® ACE 430 is based on rapid adsorption of additive molecules on the surface of cement particles. The additive molecules take on such a configuration on the surface of the cement particle that they do not overlap the entire surface, thereby providing water access to the surface for hydration, creating a steric (spatial) effect. This leads to a more intensive course of the hydration reaction, which provides for more intensive heat release and promotes a faster build-up of strength. This improves the rheological properties of the mixture, reduces viscosity and water-cement ratio.

Recommendations for use

The additive should be added to the concrete mix with the mixing water (preferably with the last third water). Do not add to the dry mix! The best effect is observed when the additive is introduced into the concrete mixture after all the water necessary for mixing has been added and sufficient mixing is achieved. In any case, it is necessary to provide sufficient mixing time after the addition of the additive.

Technical data

Appearance Brown liquid Density (at 20 ° C) 1.04 - 1.08 g / cc pH (at 20 ° C) 4-7 The maximum chloride content is ≤ 0.01% Maximum alkali content <0.6% (Na2O equivalent)


The recommended dosage is 0.2 - 3% of the weight of the cement. The exact amount of the additive should be selected in the laboratory by conducting test batches.


Glenium® ACE 430 is compatible with the viscosity regulators RheoMATRIX®100, Glenium®Stream, with air-entraining additives of the Micro Air® series, with the suspension of MICROSYLICA®. Glenium® ACE 430 is not compatible with Rheobuild® plasticizers.


Glenium® ACE 430 is supplied in 1000 kg containers, 220 kg barrels, 25 kg canisters.

Shelf life

The minimum shelf life is 12 months when stored in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions in a sealed original package.

Storage conditions

Store at temperatures from +5 C in a closed container, avoid direct sunlight, protect from high temperatures. If you will not comply with the recommended storage conditions it may result in premature damage to the package or changes in product properties.

Precautions and Transportation

There are no special requirements for the use of the product. We are recommend to use of protective gloves. After contact with skin, wash with water. Avoid contact with mucous membranes and rinse with plenty of water. Glenium® ACE 430 is a non-flammable and non-toxic product, so there are no specific recommendations for transportation.

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Superplasticizer GLENIUM 430 BASF Germany liquid canister 30 l

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Superplasticizer GLENIUM 430 BASF Germany liquid canister 30 l

Superplasticizer GLENIUM 430 BASF Germany liquid canister 30 l

Glenium® ACE 430 Zero Energy System is a new generation of superplasticizers based on polycarboxy..

4,800 грн.

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