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ADDITIVE FOR EFFECTIVE SEALING OF HARD MIXTURES "POLYPLAST VIBRO" Description Polyplast Vibro is an additive based on naphthalene sulfonic acid derivatives it is improving the compaction and laying of hard concrete mixes. According to its consumer properties the Polyplast Vibro additive meets the requirements for plasticizing and water-reducing additives in accordance with GOST 24211v and requirements of TU 5745-027-58042865-2008 with the change No. 1. Application area Polyplast Vibro is used for the production of rigid concrete mixtures that are used for the manufacture of products using vibrating machines and vibro pressed products. Features and Benefits: Using the additive Polyplast Vibro during the preparation of hard concrete mixtures allows: - Ensure the good formability of the products in the absence of sticking to the metal shaker; - Ensure a strictly defined geometry and homogeneity of the structure of products; - Increase the quality of the front surface of finished products. Additive Polyplast Vibro does not contain chlorides and can be used in the manufacture of reinforced and pre-stressed reinforced concrete structures. Normative and technical documentation - Certificate of conformity of the GOST R system; - Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion about the product; - Conclusion of NIIGB on the influence of the additive Polyplast Vibro on the protective properties of concrete in relation to steel reinforcement in accordance with ST SEV 4421-83; - Material Safety Data Passport. Instructions for use Dosage: For rigid, super-hard concrete and sand concrete 0.15-0.25% of the binder weight in terms of dry matter. When increasing dosages above recommended, consult the technical support department. Dosage: In liquid form, the additive Polyplast Vibro is introduced together with the mixing water, the additive in dry form is preliminarily diluted in water. After the introduction of Polyplastic Vibro into the concrete mixture, it is necessary to ensure sufficient mixing time to uniformly distribute the additive in accordance with regulatory requirements. Remarks / limitations: When applying additives in concrete technology, the requirements of regulatory documentation should be complied with. When changing the inert or astringent components of the concrete mixture, it is recommended to adjust the concrete composition in the laboratory.

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Superplasticizer Polyplast-VIBRO (for press)

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Superplasticizer Polyplast-VIBRO (for press)

Superplasticizer Polyplast-VIBRO (for press)


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