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The liquid density is 1.15-1.2 kg / dm3, the concentration of hydrogen ions (pH) is 1.4-2.5. Contains surfactant, a mixture of acids, complexion agents, special additives, corrosion inhibitors, disinfectant. Properties Concentrated liquid foam, promotes dissolution and removal of strong mineral deposits. Removes mineral deposits, incl. beer and milk stone, cement residues, scale, calcium salts, residues of proteins, fats, yeast, etc. from surfaces of stainless steel, aluminum, acid-resistant plastic and rubber. Application area It is used for acid washing (CIP-washing) equipment: separators, pasteurizers, sterilizers, heaters, evaporators, tanks, tanks, pipelines and other equipment in food (milk, meat, beer, alcoholic, starch, cake, confectionery, yeast, etc.) and the processing industry, in the construction sector (washing forms, washing off cement residues from formwork) on livestock farms and other industries. Recommendations for use Pre-rinse the unit with cold water. Recycle the dose of hot (50-70 ° C) solution (concentration 0.5 2.5%) for 20 - 30 minutes, then drain the cleaning solution into a container for subsequent reuse. Rinse the unit with clean water. To prepare 10 liters of 0.5% working solution, add 50 ml of the preparation to 9.95 l of water; for 2.5% - 250 ml for 9.75 l of water, respectively. Ecological evaluation of surfactants is biodegradable. The facility meets the following safety requirements for human health: - Residual amounts of surfactants in washings from treated surfaces (not more, mg / dm3): non-ionic, anionic 1.0; skin irritating and sensitizing action of working solutions - 0; Concentration of hydrogen ions of flushing water after treatment with means (pH, units, not more) - 6.0; according to SanPIN No. 6026 B-91, "Sanitary rules and norms for the production and use of household chemical goods." Safety regulations During preparation of working solutions of the drug more than 1% of the hands should be protected with rubber gloves. In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Transportation and storage conditions The drug is transported in the manufacturer's container by all modes of transport with a closed body, while observing the rules for the carriage of goods acting on the appropriate modes of transport. Store in a closed room, in the original packaging at a temperature of 0 ° C to +35 ° C, the distance from the heating devices is not less than 1 m apart from food and beverages. Utilization is carried out in accordance with the requirements of SN # 3183-84. Shelf life: 1 year from the date of manufacture.

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Washing for molds CEPTOCLEEN

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Washing for molds CEPTOCLEEN

Washing for molds CEPTOCLEEN

The liquid density is 1.15-1.2 kg / dm3, the concentration of hydrogen ions (pH) is 1.4-2.5. Contai..

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